Yesh, But What Do you Do?

Yesh, But What Do you Do?

I did software configuration management for most of my career. I did builds and deployments and managed source code trees. I built out and maintained development, test and staging environments. My friends and family never really understood what I did for a living. But they knew from experience that if a release was happening that weekend, they might not see me until Monday morning.

If The Phoenix Project had been around then, I could have just given them the book.  It’s a novel about IT, DevOps and Business that demonstrates the pain (and success) of being in IT.

The story triggered a heap of memories for me:

  • Thinking that things couldn’t possibly get any worse, but they do.
  • Being angry with the marketing department for celebrating a release when we were still fighting sev 1 production errors.
  • Hearing someone expound on theoretical concepts and having no clue what it meant.
  • Using Kanban to dig us out from under the train wreck.
  • Seeing things finally turn around for the better.
  • Getting home in time for dinner after a zero hotfix release!

It feels good to read a story that so closely describes the dilemmas I experienced.  Gene KimKevin Behr, and George Spafford have created a truly entertaining read that people in IT will instantly recognize.  And now I have something to hand over to friends and family and say, “Here – this is what my job was like!”

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